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What is the best time to take sildenafil?

Since sildenafil is taken as a positive treatment for erectile dysfunction, it naturally follows that one would ask what is the best time to take sildenafil, which implies the user’s wish to use the medication in the most effective way possible. We will adopt this kind of thinking as we navigate our way towards a satisfactory answer to the question not forgetting the importance of having ready contact with your doctor and online pharmacist

The erection phenomenon

We’ll start by discussing erections and how all of the body is involved when sex is being performed.

For every medicine there’s always a rule to follow and if you fail to follow it, all kinds of issues arise to your own discomfort, worry and stress which is definitely no good if you have ED.

One very important thing to know about sildenafil is its ability to enable you to achieve an erection and hold it in that state so you can have an enjoyable sex experience with your partner.

It does so by interfering (as a PDE5 inhibitor), with the work of enzymes that control blood flow in the body so that blood is allowed to flow to your penis in larger quantities. The blood enters the penis with such force that it engorges it with blood, it makes the penis expand and an erection is achieved.

Conversely, as the potency of sildenafil weakens due to the partial use of the drug in inducing an erection sildenafil’s control over the enzymes slackens and blood flow becomes less forceful returning the penis back to a state of flaccidity and the erection disappears.

Sometimes, a condition which rarely occurs known as “priapism” happens, which induces an erection of the penis for a period in excess of 6 hours. This can cause very serious tissue damage to the penis and a doctor should be called to treat the problem.

Your whole body is involved

Many of use fail to grasp the significance of the sex act while being performed by those involved. Actually, it involves your entire body because the heart is involved in pumping more blood to every part of your body. It’s good to know that during sex, the heart pumps even more strongly.

People with a weak heart should think twice before getting involved in sexual activities because heart problems don’t go well together with sex. This is also the reason why someone wanting to begin treatment for erectile dysfunction must inform the doctor everything about his/her medical history.

If for any reason you suffer from chest pains, dizziness or nausea while you are having sex, stopping what you are doing immediately and contacting your doctor are priority actions which you should do there and then.

There are so many things we don’t know as ordinary laymen especially the types of physical conditions and medications that can inhibit the erection process that we really need to enlist the expert assistance of a doctor or an online pharmacist that provides online medications.

You should nevertheless be aware of the fact that if your penis can’t be filled with a sufficient amount of blood to induce an erection, then you may have the start of erectile dysfunction. If the condition persists and becomes a frequent occurrence, then you do have ED and the time has come to tell your doctor.

What should I do?

The first and only right thing to do is not to be embarrassed about getting ED. You are not alone because after all about 140 million men worldwide also have it! What you need to do is to be rid of it or at least to get it treated.

Yes, it’s a serious condition and apart from those who’ve actually experienced it many people are still unaware that it exists with so many risk factors that have enabled it to affect so many people. 

These causes include pelvic surgery, age, lower urinary tract, diabetes, depression, hypertension, smoking, obesity, dyslipidemia and lack of exercise to name some of them.

Don’t let it fool you because it is a serious condition which will have a negative impact on the quality of life you will be leading into the future. Be strong, be positive and do everything that your doctor or health provider tells you to do.

For your own good health, you should pinpoint the crux of your problem which appears to be the bad condition of your blood vessels. This in turn causes your impotence (ED). So improving the condition of your blood vessels is your priority.

Try seriously to identify and address the very habits that can obstruct the smooth function of your blood vessels. There are many and they include, heavy alcohol consumption, smoking and diabetes but the good news is they can be treated.

Any quick magic solution?

Unfortunately there are no quick fix medications but the availability of the “blue pill”, or the “secret of happiness” by which Viagra (Sildenafil) has popularly been dubbed.

There are of course other treatments for erectile dysfunction but somehow, the Viagra brand and generic sildenafil have become indelible. It was formulated first and so has occupied the coveted pioneer status as the drug for ED that has remained for 20 years.

Even though it has revived men’s confidence in themselves and rejoined couples simply by fulfilling the task given to it which was that of increasing blood flow to the penis and restore the normal function to the penis.

Safe, potent and fast

These are the positive tributes paid to sildenafil after many years of active use and witnessedresults. Its potency is so strong it achieves results within 14 minutes of swallowing a pill and can bolster sex performance by up to 12 hours with of course the companionship of manipulation.

It has literally rejuvenated the sex lives of hundreds of couples and has engulfed the world market with its presence and efficacy. Some find it a great companion while others simply want to take a dare and experience its boosting qualities.

So, what is the right time to take Sildenafil?

According to medical experts the best and perfect time to swallow a sildenafil pill would be about 1 hour before engaging in sexual activity.

If you are a daily enjoyer of sex, the best time to take a pill is whenever you are in the mood to have sex but sildenafil should not be taken more than once on the same day.

Taking sildenafil without any intentions of having sex is just a waste of a good pill keeping in mind that it does not add up in your body simply because you take many pills. So taking more sildenafil in advance doesn’t work.

So the final answer is that taking a pill on the days that you feel in the mood for having sexual intercourse would be the right time to take Sildenafil

Bottom line

There is always great merit in studying a subject in detail to get the overall situation in a clear perspective. That way you are able to understand the whole picture and be able to provide the most appropriate answer to a question like, what is the right time to take Sildenafil. That answer has been provided in crystal clear parlance and since it is expert medical advice, it needs to be strictly adhered to.

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