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Can ED Be Reversed With Diet and Exercise?

The prospect of having erectile dysfunction can be a disconcerting feeling and the immediate question that pops up is the one in the topic be, can ED be reversed with diet and exercise? In this article we will have a look at diet and exercises that are known to have impacted erectile dysfunction and find […]

Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction

Whenever a condition needs to be treated, it has to be diagnosed first so that the cause can be identified and the most effective medication be offered so the patient can be cured. The diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction fall under the same process and indeed it’s required if you are to recover from […]

Dysfunction (Erectile ED): Causes Diagnosis & Treatment

Knowing everything there is to know about erectile dysfunction or ED may require a fair amount of study. It’s a lot simpler if you read an article that’s presented clearly and accurately and detailed enough to provide sufficient information for the average person to read, digest and understand. That is the goal of this article […]

What are the long term effects of taking sildenafil?

A long term health condition is never good news but sometimes, especially when we reach the age of not return (60 and over) and we are taking Sildenafil, we find that we cannot stop asking ourselves what are the long term effects of taking Sildenafil. We know that priapism is an effect of long duration […]

Can you overdose on sildenafil?

Having a medication such as Sildenafil available for treating erectile dysfunction is certainly a plus and it’s easy to understand why some users find the need to ask: Can your overdose on Sildenafil? The question bespeaks the need to know if something bad might happen in the event of overdosing and also the need to […]

Why does sildenafil not work?

When Sildenafil (Viagra) was being researched as a possible treatment for a chest pains called angina, it was found that it would be a better medication for erectile dysfunction and when it made its first appearance on the market, it was an instant success and now millions of men worldwide use it for their ED […]

Does sildenafil work the first time?

The main reason why men turn to Sildenafil is to get satisfactory treatment for their erectile dysfunction problem. There are a myriad of reasons why men get to suffer from erectile dysfunction because of both medical and psychological conditions that they have. Whatever the reasons, some men continue to ask: Does Sildenafil work the first […]

Is 25mg sildenafil enough?

It’s medically known that ingredients in medications which are given to patients have different levels of concentration, strength or potency. This strength is believed to have the countering effect against a diagnosed illness or disease in a person when taken over a given time in the prescribed doses. Sildenafil, (active ingredient of Viagra) is given […]

What is the best time to take sildenafil?

Since sildenafil is taken as a positive treatment for erectile dysfunction, it naturally follows that one would ask what is the best time to take sildenafil, which implies the user’s wish to use the medication in the most effective way possible. We will adopt this kind of thinking as we navigate our way towards a […]

Does Sildenafil keep you hard after coming?

It would be fair to say that knowing the answer to, does sildenafil keep you hard after coming would be like having discovered the solution to the problem posed in the question itself. That would certainly make everybody happy but as always, for a sensitive and complicated subject like this one, the answer is elusive […]

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