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How long does it take for “Sildenafila” to take effect

When a drug medication can start doing its job quickly after being ingested, it’s the best result a man can hope for especially when he’s suffering from the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction. A man however, has to play a part in the overall success of this drug medication especially in knowing the key factors that […]

Any other active version of Tadalafil drug medication

The posed question may appear superfluous and perhaps even redundant, especially when there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of similar medications working away right now around the world!  Nevertheless, it’s necessary to ask it so that we can discuss a particular drug called “Tadarise” that has taken the market by storm. Read on to […]

More invaluable information about Cialis

We are all familiar with the drug medication Cialis but if not now is your time to dig in and find out about this other truly great treatment for erectile dysfunction. To make things simple, it’s the brand name for generic tadalafila which means that Cialis is the brand name for this drug medication and […]

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Impotence

There’s little doubt that the problems surrounding erectile dysfunction (ED) impotence, are not at all uncommon especially in the case of men who are over 40. By itself ED is not such a problem especially when it seldom occurs. However, you should pay a visit to you doctor if it continues to happen over a […]

Medical remedies for treating erectile dysfunction

It’s perhaps fortunate that there are so many options available for treating erectile dysfunction for now we take a different path from natural remedies to medical remedies for treating erectile dysfunction. Even so, there are so many questions that need to be asked before one can walk along a path that promises the selecting of […]

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

These days reference is always made to things that naturally exist on our planet which can be used to help man to live easier and better in his natural environment. We constantly hear of solar power, water power, fossil fuel, as opposed to mechanically driven inventions. And of course we also hear of natural remedies […]

Can ED Be Reversed With Diet and Exercise?

The prospect of having erectile dysfunction can be a disconcerting feeling and the immediate question that pops up is the one in the topic be, can ED be reversed with diet and exercise? In this article we will have a look at diet and exercises that are known to have impacted erectile dysfunction and find […]

Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction

Whenever a condition needs to be treated, it has to be diagnosed first so that the cause can be identified and the most effective medication be offered so the patient can be cured. The diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction fall under the same process and indeed it’s required if you are to recover from […]

Dysfunction (Erectile ED): Causes Diagnosis & Treatment

Knowing everything there is to know about erectile dysfunction or ED may require a fair amount of study. It’s a lot simpler if you read an article that’s presented clearly and accurately and detailed enough to provide sufficient information for the average person to read, digest and understand. That is the goal of this article […]

What are the long term effects of taking sildenafil?

A long term health condition is never good news but sometimes, especially when we reach the age of not return (60 and over) and we are taking Sildenafil, we find that we cannot stop asking ourselves what are the long term effects of taking Sildenafil. We know that priapism is an effect of long duration […]

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