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Can Sildenafil Increase Your Penis Size?

It’s not surprising that whenever and wherever Viagra enters a conversation, the mind automatically envisions a state of strong erections to enjoy pleasurable sexual activity hours on end. Eventually everything boils down to the crux of the speculation which usually is:  Can Sildenafil Increase Your Penis Size? Let’s try and respond realistically to this curious question.

The true answer about the effect of Viagra on penis size

The true answer to the question in the title is that Viagra will not increase the size of the penis. Its main function is to assist men who find it difficult to get and maintain an erection for normal sexual enjoyment

This means that Viagra will enable men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence to achieve and maintain an erection and enjoy normal sex.

Some claim that Viagra boosts a man’s sex drive, but this is also erroneous. What Viagra does is simply to assist you in keeping an erection when you find yourself unable to do so.

Viagra will help you achieve an erection and to maintain that erection so that you are able to engage in a satisfying sexual experience with your partner.

You may notice that your penis seem to appear bigger, but this is only because of the freer flow of blood to your penis while in erection mode but there’s actually no alteration to your physical makeup. When you penis becomes flaccid or soft again it will return to its normal size.

Who does Viagra really targets?

When everything’s said and done, every product that’s being produced has a particular disease which it’s expected to cure and this applies to Viagra as well.

When Viagra was first being thought up, tested and produced it was anticipated to be a cure for a angina,  a medical condition where not enough blood is moving to the heart causing severe pains. Later, it was found that Viagra had a market as a licensed treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

What about products that promise increase in penis size?

When you come across advertisements that promote other products for increasing penis size, you should think twice about their credibility because usually these promotions are just hype!

We have ourselves to blame for in respect of these type of promotions not really paying attention to the fact that the majority of women (and gay men as well) are quietly satisfied with their partner’s size in any case.

You may have come across products that are credited with the ability to increase penis size such as:

  • Penis exercises
  • Lotions and pills
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Penis stretching devices

The main thing to be cautious about is that these are likely to be money-making gigs which companies use to attract customers playing on people’s insecurity fears so that they feel they actually need the product(s) they are promoting.

In many cases these companies will even show testimonials from customers that their products have been used successfully. This practice is only to entice viewers to have confidence in their products and buy them even though the authenticity and efficacy of their products haven’t been proven.

Invigorating your sex life the natural way

Let’s move away for a bit from these ‘self-interested’ offers and have a look at how to improve your sex life according to nature’s way. Who knows, they may even help you ‘feel’ that you have a bigger member than usual, which is always a boost to your ego! Here are some of them:

  • Eating a healthier diet

Processed and fatty foods all contribute to increasing body cholesterol levels in your body which is not a good thing to allow. Body vessels especially your arteries burdened with cholesterol suffer from constrictions.

Constriction means that less blood will flow freely throughout your body which inevitably includes your penis. With low blood flow to your penis, your ability to have and keep an erection drops lower. The panacea for this development is a healthier change in diet.

For this, the recommendation point to your consumption of more whole foods such as fruits, lean meat and vegetables. These types of food are packed with antioxidants that free your arteries from developing tissues that block the free flow of blood in your body.

  • Regular exercising

Everyone’s very conscious of getting a potbelly simply because it doesn’t look very natural on men and women, (except of course when women are pregnant when they really look smashing!). To avoid getting fat around the midsection, exercising won’t just improve blood flow in your body.

It also has the ability of stimulating the production of testosterone in your body and if you don’t know what that means, for your information the lack or low levels of testosterone in your body can cause impotence and cause your sex urge to nose dive.

Naturally increasing your testosterone through regular exercising, your reward will be a better libido disposition and satisfying erections. But if you already have a potbelly, the same will overshadow your penis and make it look puny. Get rid of the potbelly and your penis will protrude much more.

  • Limit your consumption of alcohol

We men always make believe that bravado is a sign of manly masculinity you know that ‘macho’ display that bespeaks of big muscles everywhere including our penises. Alcohol seems to always bring out this false notion in us. Why is it false?

Simply because the consumption of alcohol allied with smoking has the effect of constricting our arteries. This again means that blood won’t flow freely to the penis and when this happens, erections are hard to come by.

Additionally any erections that we are fortunate to achieve end up smaller than we expected so it’s a wise decision to cut down on alcoholic consumption and smoking if we want to achieve and maintain rewarding erections.

  • Relaxing through meditation

One of the essential components for a good erection is the ability of the body to enter into relaxation mode.

Meditation has this effect on people who practice it often. In our present working environment we are continuously being subjected to anxiety and stress which keeps the muscles contracted, and in turn they constrict the arteries restricting blood flow through the body and to the penis.

Constant practice with make your system familiar with the routine and relaxing will become second nature to you. You’ll not only be able to clear you mind of constant worries and anxieties but you’ll also maximize the flow of blood which will result in better and bigger erections.


It’s a foregone conclusion that we won’t be able to alter our physiological structure in order to respond to the question whether Sildenafil can increase your penis size. Rather than changing how your penis is right now, we should be thinking about improving our lifestyle so that we can achieve and maintain erections and enjoy what we have and the pleasures it gives us.

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