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Why does sildenafil not work?

When Sildenafil (Viagra) was being researched as a possible treatment for a chest pains called angina, it was found that it would be a better medication for erectile dysfunction and when it made its first appearance on the market, it was an instant success and now millions of men worldwide use it for their ED condition despite ongoing queries such as: Why does Sildenafil not work? In this article we will attempt to provide you with the answer.


The blood flow booster

The magic side of Sildenafil in the realm of erectile dysfunction is its immense popularity worldwide and this reputation has stemmed from the drugs ability to make blood flow fast, easy and effective!

The drug operates by boosting blood flow to the tissue of your penis thereby providing your penis with the necessary quantity of blood needed to produce an erection.

Sildenafil executes this process efficiently by blocking the actions of enzymes that control blood flow to the penis by forcing them to allow more blood flow to induce a strong erection.

Even though Sildenafil has succeeded greatly in performing this role, still, some men who have used Sildenafil and other ED medications haven’t benefited from the treatment.

This is the crux of the problem that we want to address by providing all the hurdles that lie in the path of Sildenafil making it difficult for the ED treatment to attain a 100% rating. Here are some of those hurdles:


Wrong usage of Sildenafil

There’s no other way of using Sildenafil than to take it correctly to properly treat your erectile dysfunction. If you want to use the medication we recommend that you keep these:

  • Empty stomach – Take the medication on an empty stomach. The absorption of Sildenafil into your bloodstream can be delayed if you consume a big and fatty meal before swallowing your treatment pill. Try taking your treatment pill two or three hours after your recent meal.
  • Patience – Be patient and wait for Sildenafil to start working. It does act quickly but it’s effects are slower to feel so make sure you take your medication one hour before sex. This will allow enough time for your system to completely absorb the medication.
  • Time lapse – Once ingested, Sildenafil will remain in the bloodstream for up to three to four hours before its effect start to wear off. As an option, you can take generic tadalafil of branded Cialis. It’s a longer lasting drug for treating ED.
  • No alcohol – abstain from drinking alcohol when you are under treatment for erectile dysfunction. Alcohol tends to impede blood flow throughout your body making you susceptible to erectile dysfunction. Even a drink or two can drastically interfere with its effectiveness.


Your Sildenafil dose is too low

Sildenafil is given in doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg

  • Increase your dose – if your current dose doesn’t provide positive results, talk to your doctor about going upping your dose level.
  • Study results – in 2013, a study found that the 100mg treatment for erectile dysfunction proved more successful in treating ED in the majority of men than the 50mg dose.


You’ve lost faith in Sildenafil too soon

Before you lose confidence in Sildenafil consider these points

  • No positive results – whatever anyone says, it’s not uncommon for Sildenafil to produce no positive results the first time your take it. Sometimes, people are just nervous about the side effects of Sildenafil and are anxious that nothing good can come out of the treatment as once thought. This attitude can result in the compounding of anxiety that may impact sexual performance.
  • Changing the dose – If there’re no positive results, talk to your doctor about changing to a higher dose. Sometimes success is achieved after you’ve tried a few more times and you’ve become more familiar with the medication and its impacts.


The Cause in not physical but psychological

The two main causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical and psychological in nature as discussed below:

  • Physical or psychological – both physical and psychological causes can be attributed to the appearance of erectile dysfunction. One of the main causes of the condition is anxiety, a condition that usually induces a feeling of incompetence and nervousness in a man before engaging in sexual activity.
  • Available solutions – it’s not unusual for Sildenafil to be used in treating erectile dysfunction which has been brought about by anxiety which can impede sexual performance. The bad news is that it can sometimes fail to produce expected results. When that happens, it’s prudent that you talk to your doctor about opting for other treatments such as counseling, guided imagery and sex therapy.
  • Guidance – it can be very useful for you to consult an effective guide on the subject of sexual performance anxiety to that you can appreciate how it can affect your erections. You can also opt for other treatments apart from Sildenafil together with other types of treatments.


Other health conditions are at play

Even though Sildenafil is effective against erectile dysfunction, other factors can interfere with its effectiveness such as:

  • Underlying health condition – There’s no doubt that usually, Sildenafil is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. The problem is that if your ED is caused by a health condition that impinges on blood flow or sexual disposition, it’s quite possible that Sildenafil or any other medications may not be the right treatment for you.
  • Physical causes – Known physical causes of ED can include high blood pressure, nerve disorder, heart disease and diabetes. Problems such as low testosterone caused by hormonal changes can impact your desire for sex making it difficult to achieve an erection.
  • Contact your doctor – Talk to your doctor if your problem is that some underlying physical condition has caused your erectile dysfunction. Usually your condition can be treated by treating the underlying physical condition itself.


 Porn induced effect on sexual performance

Porn can have a detrimental effect on your chances of getting a good erection as shown below:

  • Young men with ED – Studies show that young men are starting to be affected by erectile dysfunction issues. A specific report stated that about 40 percent of males under the age of 40 are affected by some form of erectile dysfunction.
  • Porn consumption – this is the main reason that has cause alienation from sexuality in real life and being affected by erectile dysfunction induced by porn watching.


Sildenafil is not the treatment for you

There’s a possibility that Sildenafil may just not be the right treatment for your condition as discussed below:

  • No one is the same – if you feel that Sildenafil doesn’t last long enough for your satisfaction, you could perhaps opt for a longer lasting treatment such as Cialis.
  • Lifestyle changes – it’s also quite possible that changes in your own lifestyle might work for you rather than medication or ED exercises.



The question, why does Sildenafil not work has been fully answered in the above article by arguing that generally speaking, a treatment of Sildenafil has been very successful in treating erectile dysfunction.

However, it qualifies its finding in admitting that certain factors are also at work to mitigate the success that the drug medication has achieved over the years and by fully discussing these so called hurdles so readers can fully grasp the truth that sometimes, the best medicinal drug in town can also have its own shortcomings.


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