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Medical remedies for treating erectile dysfunction

It’s perhaps fortunate that there are so many options available for treating erectile dysfunction for now we take a different path from natural remedies to medical remedies for treating erectile dysfunction. Even so, there are so many questions that need to be asked before one can walk along a path that promises the selecting of the right medication and the successful cure of your ED condition.

So many questions on medications for ED

There are so many questions that need to be asked about medication for erectile dysfunction that they need to be answered so that readers are aware about both sides of the equation. Here are just of few of them:

Which drug is the right one for ED?

This is not a difficult question to answer as there are four well-known drugs for treating erectile dysfunction but the difficult part is in identifying the cause of the erectile dysfunction so that the right drug is used for the person suffering from ED.

It is important to realize that the four drugs can only be properly used for a specific underlying cause of  erectile dysfunction instead of all of the four drug medications being able to treat ED under any circumstances.  Let’s discuss the questions listed below to better understand ED drug medications.

What ED pills are available on the market?

The most popular erectile dysfunction medication is Viagra but there are other ED drugs available also for treating erectile dysfunction.

They include avanafil (Stendra), tadalfil (Cialis and vardenafil (Levitra). The most common quality of all these drugs including sildenafil (Viagra) is that they increase blood flow to the penis.

When applied together with sexual stimulation all four of the drug medications mentioned will induce increased blood flow to the penis and successfully achieve and maintain an erection for starting and completing the sexual act.

Special mention should be made of Cialis which has received FDA approval for daily use at a dose of 2.5mg or 5mg. Using this drug produces an erection whenever needed and if you have urinary issues, such as difficulty in urinating, it’s the right drug to take.

What are the costs of ED pills?

There are considerable differences in the cost of ED medication and your ability to afford them will depend on the actual price, your co-pays as well as your health plan coverage.  Nevertheless, here are several hints to help you manage the cost variations:

  • There are many suppliers so you need to select wisely on the basis of a supplier’s efficiency, reliability and quality of drug medication.
  • To conserve wealth, you can ask your doctor about pill splitting, how to get pills with a higher dose and divide the pills to make them go the extra time span.
  • Discount programs may also be available. Look for them so you can access medications which are not covered by your insurance.

How effective are ED pills?

The success rate of all drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in producing an erection for sexual enjoyment currently stands at about 70%.

However, individuals are not the same and therefore results are far from being uniform. Some individuals may suffer from underlying diseases such as nerves and arteries that are damaged as a result of prostate surgery which impede blood flow.

There are those who suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular disease that would also negate the full impact of ED drug treatment   and surprisingly there are some men for whom all the drugs don’t work.

How quickly do ED pills work?

Some people wonder how soon any of the drugs used in treating erectile dysfunction go into action after they’ve been ingested.

The answer is that from the time of ingestion, erectile drugs used as erectile dysfunction treatment would normally kick in within 15 to 60 minutes.

There are some like Viagra and Levitra that will fail to respond to drug treatment when you take a pill after partaking of a meal because the pills won’t be absorbed by the digestive system into the bloodstream.

On the other hand, Cialis and Stendra can be taken with or without food with no negative effects on their absorption into the bloodstream for treating your ED.

For Cialis and Stendra, it will take approximately 30 minutes from the swallowing of a pill and when you start feeling its effects on your penis. 

Actually, Stendra and Cialis are very close to being labeled as “on demand” erectile drugs because they can be used when you feel like wanting to have sex. Using the other drug medications require some planning beforehand.

How to properly use ED pills

There have been instances where users have approached their doctors and claim that the drugs prescribed for them didn’t work.

The main reason for this is incorrect usage. Many users believe that drugs automatically cause the onset of an erection and after being spent, turn off the erection.

The drugs simply don’t work without the application of stimulation and stimulation of course means foreplay with your sexual partner before actually getting into the sexual act.

Not applying stimulation is the same as if you (with ED), didn’t take the pill, wash the dishes with your sexual partner and then go to the bedroom to have sex. It just doesn’t work that way. Stimulation is the key for inducing the erection in consort with the drug medication!

How long do ED pills last?

From the moment they are ingested into the body, ED drugsare broken up inside your body at different rates. Normally, it takes about four hours for the drug to be fully broken down after which time its effects start to quickly wane.

For Cialis, the process will continue for more than a day especially if you’ve taken higher doses but for all ED drugs, each dose should be enough to induce a firm erection, participate in sex, reach a climax and the possibility of completing other cycles.

Drugs for ED:     When they start to work and how long they last

Here is a timeframe for when each of the drugs listed begin to kick in and how long they normally last.

Medication                                         Start                                      Duration

avanafil (Stendra)                            15-30 minutes                   6 – 12 hours

sildenafil (Viagra)                             30-60 minutes                   4 – 5 hours

Tadalafil (Cialis)                                 30-45 minutes                   24 – 36 hours

Vardenafil (Levitra)                         30-6- minutes                    4 – 5 hours


The reality of having an unlimited supply of medical remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is something we should all be thankful for. Likewise, it’s also very useful to know and understand the various aspects of erectile dysfunction drug medications so that you possess a wealth of accurate information when you discuss them with your doctor and online pharmacist who are key figures in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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