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Is 25mg sildenafil enough?

It’s medically known that ingredients in medications which are given to patients have different levels of concentration, strength or potency. This strength is believed to have the countering effect against a diagnosed illness or disease in a person when taken over a given time in the prescribed doses. Sildenafil, (active ingredient of Viagra) is given in doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100 mg but some still wonder: Is 25mg sildenafil enough? Read on to find out more.

The nemesis of ED

Against erectile dysfunction, sildenafil is unstoppable because its curing credentials are formidable. It’s still being hailed as the most potent and efficacious medication against erectile dysfunction.

It’s all the more surprising because before it was patented in 1996, sildenafil wasn’t researched in the medical lab as a treatment for ED but as a potential cure for a chest condition called angina.

It was discovered during tests, that sildenafil would be more effective as a treatment for erectile deficiency or potency in men than as a treatment for angina.

It was from this belief that clinical tests on sildenafil persisted in the 1990s and the medication was patented in 1996 under the brand name of Viagra, with sildenafil as its generic active ingredient.

Sildenafil’s debut on the market

Sildenafil appeared on the market in 1998 after receiving the approval from the United States FDA marking the use of sildenafil as an ED treatment of well over 20 years in duration.

As such, it’s the oldest known erectile dysfunction treatment that has ever been approved by the FDA to go on the market.

How sildenafil works

Like branded Viagra, generic sildenafil belongs to a category of drugs labeled as PDE inhibitors that blocks the ability of PDE5 enzymes in balancing blood flow to and from the erectile spongy tissue of the penis.

By disrupting the balancing act of the PDE5 enzymes on the blood flow, sildenafil actually triggers the flow of more blood now than before to the penis.

The higher blood flow to the penis forces the spongy tissue of the penis to, it becomes engorged with blood making it becoming stiff and hard, ready for sexual activity.

Does Sildenafil stay the course?

At this stage the question arises as to whether or not Sildenafil is able to maintain the strong blood flow to the penis and enable it to maintain its firm and erect condition.

Sildenafil is very effective at increasing blood flow to the penis and is therefore an excellent treatment for erectile dysfunction which impedes the flow of blood to this erectile organ.

What Sildenafil can’t do is to overcome the psychological aspect of a person’s sexual performance such as sexual confidence, disposal towards having sex or a person’s arousal state;

This indicates that erectile dysfunction may still take place from these physical situations despite the fact that you’ve taken sildenafil. You should learn more about this in greater detail.  

Now for the strengths of the doses

As already mentioned in the title of this article there are different doses for Sildenafil which are given in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

The 50mg dose has been regarded as the overall standard dose for people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes, however, even this dose fails to give positive results calling for another dose to be applied, usually the one with more active ingredient the 100mg pill.

Normally, the 50mg dose can be taken about 1 hour before sexual activity but this can be made more encompassing from 4 hours to half an hour prior to having sex.

The dose may also be varied to coincide with different circumstances up to the maximum dose of 100mg or to the lower dose of 25mg. All doses are to be taken only once a day and not more.

Some information on the doses

The following are some pertinent information on the three different Sildenafil doses:

  • The 25mg is known as the lowest dose available for Sildenafil. The dose may be prescribed by a doctor if you are taking other medications such as HIV or for treating blood pressure.
  • The 50mg is viewed as the standard dose which is normally recommended by your doctor with the support of your online pharmacist or health provider. Many ED sufferers indicate their satisfaction after taking this treatment for their erectile dysfunction.
  • The 100mg is like a dose in reserve if the 50mg treatment fails to produce expected results and is the maximum dose of all the Sildenafil doses. It involves a higher risk for side effects and if it fails to cure your problem, you should opt for another treatment.

Switching Sildenafil doses.

The help of a doctor and online pharmacist are needed if you want to change your doses. If you want to change your dose downwards or upwards, a doctor can determine if the new dose is right for you.

You can even opt to change to another drug treatment such as Cialis with active ingredient ‘tadalafil’. Cialis is a daily medication which means you are always ready for sex any day if that’s what you want.

Normally, you can start taking your new dose after your doctor has given approval and you can start ordering your new dose from an authorized online pharmacist.

It’s usually the case that when you find that your 25gm dose doesn’t give you positive results on your erectile dysfunction, you will want to change it to the 50gm dose.

Likewise, you should get the approval of your doctor if you want to change from the 50mg dose to the 100gm dose to get better results for your erectile dysfunction treatment.


It appears almost certain than not that in most cases, the 25mg dose will not be enough to address an erectile dysfunction condition suffered by an individual. It is fortunate therefor that individuals suffering from ED are able to change from one dose to another (as all medications allow) if they find that their current dose does not produce desired result.


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