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How should I take sildenafil for best results?

When we take medication for treating our health problem such as ED, there’s always that feeling of optimism that we can get cured. Sometimes we even try our best to help things along in a positive sense by asking ourselves, how should I take sildenafil for best results. In this article we will explore the ways of using sildenafil for the best possible outcome for a healthy and beneficial sex life.

The once-a-day principal

All medications have their specific rules about times and doses and sildenafil is no exception. Specifically, the most important principal to obey is not to take your sildenafil pills more than once during a 24 hour period.

The second equally important principal is to take your pills in 20mg, 50mg and 100mg without mixing them up. You may progress from one to the other categories if you find that for example, the 20mg dose does not produce desired results and you want to up your level to the 50mg pill category.

The third principle is that you shouldn’t just switch your dose level from 20mg to 50mg for instance, without the approval of your health physician. If you follow these laid down rules carefully, you’re on your way to getting the best results that will revolutionize your sexual experience.

A revolution in sex experience

There’s absolutely no doubt that since the arrival of branded Viagra or generic sildenafil (sildenafil is the active ingredient of branded Viagra) on the market, its popularity has soared and right now, millions of men worldwide are using the wonder drug.

Previously, it was regarded as only as a niche medication but has since become an ED treatment that millions of men all over the world are using to change their sexual experience.

Men of the younger generation have continued to ask questions about sildenafil, in particular, questions about the drug’s effects on sexual experience. Does it actually change the way sex feels; does it impact sexual enjoyment or physical performance?

Since we are going to delve into the subject of sexual experience, we might as well focus on the central piece of the action – the erection. This is what makes sexual experience what it is!

Erection the dominant subject

You don’t have to view the mechanics of sildenafil as a complicated and hidden operation because once you know the basics everything will fall into place and becomes super easy to understand.

Let’s look at what sildenafil really is, how it works and how it affects your erection.

As already mentioned, sildenafil is first and foremost the ingredient of branded Viagra which stands at the frontline combating your erectile dysfunction if you are suffering from one.

As a PDES inhibitor sildenafil inhibits the enzyme that manages blood flow to the soft tissue of your penis to release more blood to it.

By swallowing a pill packed with sildenafil you actually enable the blood vessels that carry blood to your penis to dilate or expand from the release of more blood. The penis becomes engorged with blood, becomes firm and forms a strong erection.

But there’s a qualifying not to all this because you don’t get an erection just like that. You have to be in a state of sexual arousal and mentally as well before you can achieve an erection. So, it’s not magic but the right physical and mental conditions for achieving and maintaining an erection.

But does it change your sex-experience?

Having erectile dysfunction means that you can’t achieve and maintain an erection but if you ingest a pill for one day, your sexual experience will undergo a drastic change.

Even if you take a small dose of sildenafil, say the 20mg pill, you’ll definitely experience a change in getting and keeping an erection during sexual activity, but be careful not to wander off on your own and be lost in the milieu of fact and wishful thinking.

In order to appreciate the actual sex changing impact of sildenafil in your sex life, it’s important that you differentiate the facts from the wishful thinking that many people hold about sildenafil. Let’s have a look at the myths that can spark wild fantasy and wishful thinking.

Facts and myths about sildenafil (Viagra)

You can’t last longer: Sildenafil does not imbue you with the ability to keep your erection longer than you are able to. It won’t stay your election longer than you wish it could, before reaching orgasm. You may gain a little confidence in performing the act because you swallowed it but that’s it.

It can treat PE sufferers: sildenafil can offer relief to those who suffer from PE (premature ejaculation) and this has the full support of a study which found the drug “effective and safe” for PE.

You don’t lose your erection: if you happen to suffer the misfortune of losing your erection several times while having sex, sildenafil may be the solution as the drug will make it easier for you to have and hold an erection so that you don’t lose it during sex.

So in terms of lasting longer from using sildenafil, the answer is “yes’ and “no”. Sildenafil can delay ejaculation but it won’t make you last longer for enjoying sex but it does improve your overall sex performance.

You immediately get an erection

Sildenafil just doesn’t give you a sudden, uncontrollable erection. On its own, sildenafil won’t stimulate you into a sexual frenzy like a partner would. It simply holds back the enzyme that rations flood into the penis and allows blood to escape in more quantities to the penis.

That way it’s easier to get an erection. You need physical stimulation outside the actions of sildenafil to get an erection and to hold it there until ejaculation time.

Recover faster following orgasm

Research studies have proved that this is true of sildenafil where the refractory period is reduced. This is the time a man needs to recover and regains strength to take part in sex again. 

The time taken to recover again after your first orgasm can be drastically reduced, which allows you to engage in sex quicker that you thought possible.

Sildenafil effect on your libido

All that sildenafil does is to improve your sexual prowess for having sex by enabling you to have and keep an erection. This is the crux of the drug’s potency.

Your libido on the other hand is stimulated by hormones that range from adrenal hormones to sex hormones such as testosterone. Sildenafil is a non-hormonal drug but it does improve sexual performance

Bottom line

You now have the ability to answer the question of how should I take sildenafil for best results because you know what sildenafil is, its functions and the way it impacts on your sexuality especially for performing sexual activity. It appears that the most important thing here is to take sildenafil once a day so that more blood is released to your penis so you can get and maintain an erection for enjoying sex.


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