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How Long Will the Effects of Sildenafil Last?

The question is often asked as to how long will the effect of Sildenafil last and while it’s a perfectly legitimate question, no one really knows exactly what the answer is. There are so many factors involved both professional and physical that it has proven very difficult to pinpoint the exact duration Sildenafil’s work in the body. Nevertheless, let’s have a closer look at the question.

Efficacy and duration of Sildenafil

How long something lasts usually hinges on how fast that something acts once it begins to perform.

In the case of Sildenafil, it would mean how fast it is absorbed by the digestive system into the blood stream, how long it stays in the blood stream and how quickly it uses itself up whilst flowing with the blood stream doing its efficacious job.

There’s no question that Sildenafil does its job effectively without fail as substantiated by many studies but it’s effectiveness and duration in the body is dependent on several factors which have been mentioned above plus many others several of which are now listed below for your information on Sildenafil:

  • Absorption into the blood stream

Before Sildenafil can begin its work on your ED issue, it has to be absorbed by the blood stream so it can start channeling more blood to flow to the crux of the problem – the penis.

For some reason, you aren’t able to get an erection and maintain it because blood is simply not flowing to the penis on a sustained basis which must be saturated with blood to make it rigid for sexual activity.

This also involves not only the strong action of your digestive system but also the amount of food you have eaten.

 Say for example you had a large meal at dinner time. It would take longer for your digestive system to turn the big amount of food you’ve just eaten into energy for the body to use.

It would therefore mean that your digestive system would need more time on digesting food before it can focus its attention on the Sildenafil you’ve just ingested so it can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

This is the reason why it would be better for you if say you want to have sex very soon after dinner that you eat a light dinner. Alternatively, you should give more time for your digestive system to absorb the large intake of food and take your Sildenafil tablet one or two hours after dinner.

The problem can be more complicated if you have a heavy build as you’d have more blood for Sildenafil to work in. Simply put, it would take longer for blood to travel to specific body parts such as the penis.

Let’s say your system absorbs the Sildenafil very quickly and it rapidly moves into the bloodstream. This means you’d feel it working within 30 minutes and starts travelling to the part you want it to help become rigid.

If you take your Sildenafil tablet on an empty stomach, you should feel its impact within the hour but if you’ve just eaten, it may take two hours to kick in.

It’s been found that it takes about 3-5 hours for the initial maximum level of Sildenafil to decrease by about 50% or a half. If that is the case it would mean that the presence of Sildenafil in the blood stream would fall by half the original amount.

However, if it takes 3-5 hours for the presence of Sildenafil in the blood stream to be halved, it would take from 6 -10 hours for the remaining half of Sildenafil in the blood stream to lose its potency.

But just to be on the safe side, perhaps we should allocate a whole day for all traces of Sildenafil to have been removed completely from your body. This of course will also mean the side effects of the treatment will also dissipate with the departure of Sildenafil from your body

  • Dosage also impacts the presence of Sildenafil in blood stream

Another interesting aspect of the length of time that Sildenafil stays in the bloodstream has to do with the amount of dose one takes the first time. This belief was made due to the fact that the effectiveness of Sildenafil depends on the amount in your system.

Naturally then, it would be logical to hold that starting with a larger dose of 100mg at the very start would make the presence of Sildenafil in the bloodstream longer. But here the qualification must be made that the dose shouldn’t be more than this.

The reason is that if the dose was more than 100mg, it would invite the risk of heart problems and side effects occurring more regularly. Other factors also come into play in determining how long Sildenafil will remain in your blood stream.

  • Sildenafil and other ED treatments

While Sildenafil occupies the top echelon of oral treatments for ED, the spotlight also zooms in on other ED treatments. There are two main groups of oral treatments for erectile dysfunction:

  • The 4-6 hours – oral treatments in this group include Sildenafil, Vardenafil which can also be sold under the name Levitra and Avanafil which can also be sold under the name of Spedra.
  • The 1 and 2 days – those in this group include Tadalafil which is also known by the brand name Cialis which is the more popular brand in the group. The exceptional reputation of Tadalafil is its ability in achieving an erection for up to 36 hours.

It would appear then that two groups of oral treatments for erectile dysfunction are available for you and you need to make a selection on the best treatment as your medication. If you are travelling away for a week or two, taking Tadalafil along would be the best choice.

For a rapid performance to take care of your short term needs, the obvious choice would obviously be Sildenafil which has been hailed as one of the best. Nevertheless, it’s not that simple to reach a well informed decision so for more info on Tadalafil you should get it here.


A lot of ground has been covered by the information that has been shared in this article with the main aim of providing sufficient information for responding to the question of how long will the effects of Sildenafil last. Hopefully you now have enough ammunition to answer the question with confidence and also in making an informed decision as to which ED treatment is the right one for you.

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