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Does sildenafil work the first time?

The main reason why men turn to Sildenafil is to get satisfactory treatment for their erectile dysfunction problem. There are a myriad of reasons why men get to suffer from erectile dysfunction because of both medical and psychological conditions that they have. Whatever the reasons, some men continue to ask: Does Sildenafil work the first time, especially when they are taking the drug for the first time. This connotes a desire for rapid recovery from a desperate situation so let’s see what the right answer is.

Why take Sildenafil at all?

To most men, the problem of not being able to have and maintain an erection is considered as a perfectly normal situation and most often they blame it on all the problems they been having.

They may blame it on their stressful work situation of too much work, a problematic work colleague, fatigue or some other cause but seldom blame it on their physical shortcomings.

However, it starts to dawn on them that their ED condition has been happening at regular intervals and has refused to go away. This is enough reason for them to become alarmed and to seek solutions.

The three most common factors that show men are experiencing erectile dysfunction issues are:

  • A drop in their libido or sex drive
  • Failure to achieve an erection while engaged in sexual activity
  • Failure to hold an erection as is during sexual activity.

Let’s admit it, we cannot just ignore erectile dysfunction as something that comes and goes of its own volition because it simply doesn’t and if men ignore it there are long-term consequences.

The quality of life enjoyed by any man is jeopardized by his failure to get and maintain an erection.  It can ruin relations with his partner, his mental health will be affected and his general wellbeing will be smothered by his ED condition and other factors.

It’s a very serious problem that interrupts the lives of millions of men worldwide at the rate of 1 in 10 men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Men over 75 become easy prey for the condition at the rate of a whopping 75% likelihood of being affected.

And don’t think the younger generation in their 20s are immune because they’re not and to make matters worse, approximately two third of men with EC don’t even look for medical treatment.

Taking Sildenafil for the first time

When you take a sildenafil pill for the first time, it will take the usual course it took for all the other first timers who suffer from erectile dysfunction but most important of all is that it becomes activated once you ingest it and goes into immediate active mode by:

  • Causing the walls of your blood vessels to relax their rigidity.
  • Preventing the PDE5 enzymes from doing their job of reducing blood flow to the penis
  • Allowing the blood to flow faster and easier through the blood vessel walls
  • Enabling the blood vessels in the penis to fill up and becoming engorged with more blood
  • Making easier for a man to get an erection and to maintain it.

These are the processes that take place the moment you take your dose of Sildenafil, but of course every individual is different so while those taking the ED drug for the first time can be optimistic about good results, disappointments are not entirely discounted from happening.

Factors that thwart Sildenafil’s effectiveness

There’s no doubt that Sildenafil goes to work effectively immediately when you’ve swallowed it. However, like other medical treatments, there are certain conditions to be followed to permit this to take place unhampered.

One of the main causes that negate the effectiveness of Sildenafil is the type of food you eat. Eating a large, fatty lunch or dinner is a sure impediment to the drug’s effective action. The reason is that the large fatty mean can delay the absorption of Sildenafil into your bloodstream.

The usual solution to this problem is for you to take your Sildenafil pill some two or three hours after eating your last meal, then you simply wait for the drug to go into motion and start producing results. The results may become apparent quickly or it may take some time or it may produce no results.

Failure to perform and solutions

Normally, when you take Sildenafil on an empty stomach it answers with an efficacious action telling

you that it’s a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. But again, like other medical treatments other factors are at play that can interfere with this kind of success.

Because of this, Sildenafil and other ED medications don’t perform as effectively as they can. For instance, some men still experience erectile dysfunction and other sexual conditions even after taking the treatment.

Fortunately these issues can be treated when the reasons for the causes behind their failure have been revealed and the solutions are provided for resolving the problems. Below are some of the problems and solutions for overcoming the failure of Sildenafil and other ED drugs such as tadalafil (Cialis).

 Why Sildenafil doesn’t produce positive results

Background information is needed here so you can really grasp the significance of why Sildenafil can sometimes fail to produce effective results.

It’s been stated that the work done by Sildenafil is by increasing blood flow to the flaccid tissue of the penis. This organ, like all the other organs of your body, needs a continual, steady flow of oxygen rich blood in order for it to function properly.

With sexual arousal your body triggers an increased blood flow into the soft tissue recesses of your penis which forces the organ to gradually become large and firm for sexual activity. The increased blood flow to the penis was triggered by the action of Sildenafil.

There are enzymes in the body that inhibit or prevent strong blood flow to the penis because the enzymes control the blood flow to the penis by letting just enough amounts of blood to flow to the penis.

What Sildenafil does is it interferes with the controlling action of the enzymes in restricting blood flow to the penis and by interfering it allows a greater amount of blood to flow to the penis making it firm and erect. This is the core reason why the drug is a huge success as a treatment for ED.

Unfortunately, there are factors present that can prevent the ED treatment to work at a 100% rating.


It becomes clear from the information in this article that the only satisfactory answer to the question – Does Sildenafil works the first time? – is yes and no. Yes because Sildenafil does in fact go into action immediately after a pill has been swallowed but on the other hand, it’s no because other factors at work that impede Sildenafil from achieving its maximum effectiveness.


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