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Does Sildenafil Make You Last Longer?

Many of us men often wonder and ask ourselves this kind of question whenever we are faced with uncertainty about our sexual prowess and we try to assure ourselves by asking, does Sildenafil make you last longer in bed or where you are having sex.  The question should be treated with honesty and succinctness so that we know exactly where we stand in our sex life.

First things first

Let’s first consider the different situations where we can or cannot take Sildenafil as our medication and according to medical experts, Sildenafil may not be taken if you are or have:

  • Taking other medications that contain nitrates for chest pains you are experiencing
  • A woman
  • Under 18 years of age
  • A rare eye disease which you’ve inherited
  • Low blood pressure
  • Had a heart attack recently
  • Had a stroke recently
  • Heart or liver issues
  • Had an allergic response to Viagra or similar medications that you took in the past

If you have any doubts at all on these guidelines, you should talk to your doctor or online pharmacist.

Can I enjoy sex longer if I take Sildenafil?

The main function of Sildenafil is to help you to stay active longer in bedif your main issue is an inability to get an erection or to maintain it longer.

Viagra won’t be able to help you in the following circumstances:

  • Premature ejaculation:  this problem arises when you reach your orgasm too soon rather than be able to hold on longer before ejaculating. There are two different mechanisms at play here.

One is the mechanism by which Viagra acts in helping someone who suffers from erectile dysfunction ED and another mechanism through which the problem of premature ejaculation is treated.

You can’t use the ED mechanism to treat your premature ejaculation problem. You need a different treatment for premature ejaculation.

  • Lack of stamina while having sex:  this can also happen and it can cause complications to those involved. Caffeine has been suggested as a possible remedy as well as physical workouts.
  • Low sex drive or libido:  this condition is more often caused by depression or anxiety but can also be the result of low salt presence in the blood which causes imbalances. Usually, anti-depressants or phsychological therapies can be used to treat depression or anxiety.

Changes in your lifestyle can also help you ease your problems. For blood imbalances, you’d need to undertake an examination and a blood test to identify both the cause and treatment.

Typical questions that may arise about Sildenafil

Would I still get an erection after taking Sildenafil even if I’m not aroused?  

It’s not possible for Sildenafil to function properly if you are not in a state of arousal. You will recall that stimulation of the penis is essential if the treatment is to work properly to solve your erectile dysfunction condition. 

Why doesn’t Sildenafil prevent you from ejaculating early?

 As already mentioned, Sildenafil will work according to its own mechanism that deals with treating erectile dysfunction. If the main concern is premature ejaculation, then that’s a different mechanism and Sildenafil is unable to use it.

This means that you have to look for another medication that will work with the mechanism for curing premature ejaculation.

Why can’t Sildenafil induce more arousal?

The only way that sildenafil will work effectively for you is to improve the flow of blood in your body to the penis and creates the possibility of an erection happening especially if the penis is being stimulated.

The signal to get an erection is sent from your brain and Sildenafil won’t change it. Arousal is more difficult to attain as it depends on many factors such as your mood, diet and hormone levels.

So how long will Sildenafil help me last during sexual activity?

While Sildenafil remains in the blood and provided it’s still active, it will be possible for you to get an erection for up to 6 hours. After ingesting your Sildenafil pill, it’s possible for you to have multiple erections while the Sildenafil is still in your bloodstream.

However, you may have to wait between each erection as you normally do after you’ve ejaculated or reached your orgasm.

Will the duration be the same or different for everyone?

The accepted duration for Sildenafil to remain active in the bloodstream has been set at 6 hours and this remains to be the norm. However, it can vary for each individual.

Normally, the effect of Sildenafil in the body will start to wear off after 2-3 hours after the time when you first took your tablet.

Will I lose my erection after I have orgasm?

Even if you’ve taken Sildenafil, your penis will still go through the normal process of becoming flaccid very soon after you’ve ejaculated. As already mentioned, if you can’t control your orgasm and you ejaculate earlier than you expect, you’d need to find a different treatment for premature ejaculation.

Factors that limit the effectiveness of Sildenafil

The effective function of Sildenafil can be lessened by:

Your health

  • It’s known that your general physical wellbeing can affect how long Sildenafil will work for you for better or worse.
  • If for instance you’ve suffered from kidney or liver problems, it could take longer for your system to break down the tablet and allow it to flow in the bloodstream to the penis.

Your Dose

  • Normally, you can expect a higher dose of Sildenafil to last longer, for instance when you increase your dose from 25mg to 50mg or to 100mg. The more the dose, the longer it will last.
  • Your doctor or health provider is the best person to select the best dose for your condition.
  • You should know that Sildenafil doses come in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg

Other drugs

  • Antibiotics for instance can interfere with how long Sildenafil will work in your body
  • Drug interactions can cause problems for you and you should consult your doctor or online pharmacist to lessen interactions with other drug treatments.

Your diet

  • A big meal rich with fatty food can also mitigate the effectiveness of how Sildenafil works in your body
  • It’s best to take your medication on an empty stomach as your body will be able to bread down the Sildenafil faster and absorb it quicker into your bloodstream.

Your consumption of alcohol

  • too much alcohol before you take your medication, blood flow to the penis decreases making it more difficult for you to get an erection
  • even drinking two units of alcohol with Sildenafil can result in bad side effects and you won’t be able to achieve and maintain an erection.

Your age

  • Once you reach 65 years and over, Sildenafil will tend to stay longer in your bloodstream and it may last longer for you to use.


Being able to enjoy longer lasting sexual activity is the goal which all men aspire to. Even though many continue to ask, does Sildenefil make you last longer, the answer is that the treatment enables you to enjoy sex repeatedly for as long as Sildenafil is present and active in your bloodstream. However, you should try to eliminate everything that stands in the way of Sildenafil’s efficacy as a treatment for you.

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