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Does Sildenafil keep you hard after coming?

It would be fair to say that knowing the answer to, does sildenafil keep you hard after coming would be like having discovered the solution to the problem posed in the question itself. That would certainly make everybody happy but as always, for a sensitive and complicated subject like this one, the answer is elusive and it’s only by discussing it that the light can be seen at the other end of the tunnel. Let’s do that.

Yes and No

 There are simply so many questions posed from every side on this subject that it becomes very difficult to answer, much less get to the bottom of the problem inherent in the question. So it boils down to dealing with the questions individually and give a “yes” or a “no” for an answer.

The question is similar to whether or not sildenafil can help you last longer in bed the answer being that it can make you last longer if you find it difficult to have an election or if you lose it too quickly.

Premature ejaculation (PE)

However, if you are suffering for premature ejaculation or PE, then sildenafil won’t be able to assist simply because it acts on a different plane of action to deal with ED that it can’t veer away from its ED program to deal with PE so that’s that.

Low libido

What if your sex drive is below what is normally acceptable for engaging in sexual enjoyment, surely this is sufficient grounds for not being able to get an erection and therefore warrants treatment with sildenafil. No it doesn’t.

The reasons are that your condition may be caused by anxiety or a depressed state of mind and psychological therapies and anti-depressants will work for you instead of sildenafil. You can also change your lifestyle or maybe you need to correct the imbalances of salt in your blood.

You definitely need a medical examination and blood test to ascertain what is wrong with you before you can ask for a dose of sildenafil.

Poor sexual performance

Let’s say that you are a poor performer during sex, would that be a qualifier for taking sildenafil? You’ll be told that caffeine might just be the kind of boost you need before having sex, but if that’s doesn’t fit into your agenda, you could try exercising to increase your stamina to improve your sex performance.

Sildenafil isn’t the right medication for…

Premature ejaculation

You can see from the former information that even though you are set on staying hard after you’ve had your orgasm (too early that is), you just can’t be given sildenafil to chase away your PE and as mentioned earlier the reason is simple.

Inducing an aroused state

For sildenafil’s failure to produce an aroused condition the reason given is that the work of sildenafil focuses on a specific system of the body that induces an erection, not premature ejaculation which is a different system.

So rather than force the issue and have sildenafil fix PE, which it can’t do, an alternative treatment should be sought to solve the PE problem.

Erections without arousal

This makes sense since sildenafil is supposed to work effectively with someone who’s being aroused just after taking the pill. By itself sildenafil isn’t able to induce an aroused state especially of the penis without help from outside.

So can sildenafil help me last longer?

Getting back to the main subject, the answer is a straight out “yes” with a proviso that says, “if you have ED”.

It’s usually the case that you may not be going the length of time in bed simply because you aren’t able to get and maintain an erection without some effort and this is exactly where sildenafil comes in.

It’s the perfect drug for improving blood flow to your penis adding impetus to getting a hard erection especially when you are being aroused at the same time.

The most important thing to remember is that if you aren’t suffering from erectile dysfunction, taking a pill of sildenafil isn’t going to make you achieve an erection just as if a woman took the pill instead.

If you aren’t satisfied with your sex life, but it is in no way related to the goal of achieving and holding your erection as is, then taking sildenafil for the day is just not appropriate for you.

Added to that is the fact that sildenafil isn’t an all-round drug treatment for everyone and among a myriad of other reasons, is just not meant for women or children.

How sildenafil can help you last

6 hours tops is easy to do for sildenafil – Once you swallow a pill for the day, it will take you from only 30 – 120 minutes to feel the full operation of sildenafil. Most people however normally get an erection within an hour after taking the pill.

Not the same for everyone – even though experience has shown that the effect of sildenafil on the erections of those who have taken it usually lasts up to 6 hours with stimulation at the same time, the actual time an erection actually lasts varies between individuals. On average the drug’s effect will tend to dissipate from 2 – 3 hours after taking the pill.

Your erection flops after orgasm – it you thought your erection would remain stiff after orgasm, you’re mistaken. It will become flaccid and if the cause was that you had your orgasm way too early, a treatment for PE may be the right choice for you.

Multiple sessions are possible – this would be the most satisfying revelation for people who want to go that “extra length” right after the “flaccid” incident after orgasm. It becomes a morale booster, a shower of confidence to know that they are able to still have sex so long as the sildenafil in their blood is still flowing and doing tricks to their organ.

Bottom line

 I think we are all of one mind that the discussion has been delightful and satisfying especially when a particularly interesting question about every man’s core existence of sexuality has been given a thumbs up. Yes, as long as sildenafil is in the blood and is active, the sufferer of ED can continue to reach another orgasm and another for 6 hours from swallowing the pill until the drug is no longer present and active in the blood.

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