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Can ED Be Reversed With Diet and Exercise?

The prospect of having erectile dysfunction can be a disconcerting feeling and the immediate question that pops up is the one in the topic be, can ED be reversed with diet and exercise? In this article we will have a look at diet and exercises that are known to have impacted erectile dysfunction and find out whether or not the condition can or has actually been reversed by them. Read on and learn more about this interesting question.

Kegel exercises

These exercises are meant for both men and women and their main purpose is to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and so improve sexual experience with your partner.

Instructions for these exercises are readily available online or with your doctor or online pharmacist. They are very simple to do when you follow the instructions closely.

The regimen to follow for the exercises is a repetition of very simple actions to execute while performing the exercises. The main actions involve the squeezing of your pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds and then release your squeeze. The action is repeatedly done 10 – to 15 times 3 times a day for achieving maximum sexual form.

Daily exercises

The traditional way of exercising can also produce colossal results. It’s known that sexual arousal requires good strong blood flow and aerobic exercises can strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Weight management also plays a role in reversing erectile dysfunction. Studies have actually shown that men who have a waist measurement of 42 inches or above have a 50% risk of getting erectile dysfunction as compared to those sporting lower waistlines.

One of the best methods of losing the waistline is to go for a long and brisk walk for up to half an hour or more.

Limit alcohol consumption

Some people say that drinking alcohol such as a glass of wine will get you in a relaxed mood before sexual activity and too much will smother your sex drive completely if you drink too much if you already have erectile dysfunction.

Supporting this is the fact that alcohol dulls the nervous system and sexual reflexes. The more alcohol you drink the duller your feelings become not to mention that heavy alcohol use can do great damage to your liver which tends to increase the production of estrogen.

Decreasing your consumption of alcohol can boost your bedroom performance and enjoyment of sexual activity.

Quit smoking

Smoking is a habit that can adversely affect your heart and also contribute to vascular disease, which will ultimately impact the flow of blood to important areas of your body such as the gentals, in particular the penis.

This means that in order for you to have a maximum flow of blood to all the right places in your body, you’ll to stop smoking tobacco of whatever make or brand. It may be that your partner is a non-smoker and if that’s the case, you may likely find that you may become more pleasing in the bedroom than you did before.

If you are both smokers and you decide to quit smoking your determined action may lead your partner to do the same making both of your more attractive and energetic in the bedroom.


This amazing herbal tea drink has been hailed as the herbal Viagra and if you know this drug and its active ingredient sildenafil, you’ll have some idea of its potency.

Several studies have shown that you can reverse your erectile dysfunction if you simply take 600 – 1000 milligrams of the herb three times a day.

The best type is “red ginseng” which is the steamed and dried version of the original root. Make sure you seek the advice of your doctor if you are taking other medications before you use the herbal treatment, make sure you talk with your doctor if you are taking other medications for ED or some other conditions.


This is the amino acid that is present naturally in your body and assists in the process of manufacturing nitric oxide which is a laxative substance that relaxes your blood vessels in order to produce an erection.

It has been proven that by taking just 5 grams of the L-arginine or amino acid, can result in a huge improvement for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction.

It also seems likely that L-arginine can lower blood pressure which also helps in treating erectile dysfunction. Even so before you begin your treatment regimen using L-arginine make sure you talk to your doctor and know that there’s no likelihood of any bad interactions with other medications or conditions.


Another strain of amino acid known as cirtulline can also be found in watermelon and because amino acid has the special ability of relaxing blood vessels, it also induces the smooth flow of blood in the body especially to the penis.

Support for this claim was shown in a study which reported that men who took citrulline supplement showed a significant improvement in their erections and experienced greater satisfaction from the supplement.

This effectively means that whenever you are consuming watermelon, it means you are in fact ingesting lots of amino acid which will have the ability of relaxing your blood vessels and allow a smooth flow of blood to the genital area.

Sensate Focus

Sometimes men have experienced erectile dysfunction not from any physical stagnation due to lack of exercise or from blood or blood vessel conditions but instead, from psychological reasons.

For this kind of condition, a special type of treatment has been put in place that focuses on a person’s sensation instead of performance.

The sensate treatment focuses on exercises which involve a gradual building up over several therapy sessions of an appreciation and understanding of your own body and that of your partner’s body.

The therapy is particularly useful for reducing anxiety of the affected person and it also creates a pattern of expectations for the patient. In order to perform the exercises properly, you should ask your doctor or therapist to provide more detailed information about the exercises used for sensate focus.

Good conversation

Perhaps one of the best personal treatments for erectile dysfunction is no other than talking about it with your partner.  Dialogue releases tension, calms anxiety and creates and caring and supportive condition for trying out effective treatments.

You can address your sexual issues away from the bedroom to remind you there are other aspects to consider such as love and intimacy than just the sexual act and the way of doing and enjoying it. Mutual cooperation and honesty also go a long way in reversing your erectile dysfunction.

Bottom line

It’s abundantly clear that studies and experience show that erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be reversed provided there’s total commitment to perform the necessary actions needed such as exercising, foregoing alcohol, mutual discussions, a healthy diet and a host of other actions to answer the question that ED can be reversed with diet and exercise.

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